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Our database is specific and unique, capturing a list of job-seekers, the IIFSHL believe that this data can make a tremendous impact on companies by affecting change in the HR department, making the hiring process easy with just a click of a "button". The past couple of years we have seen the benefits of information management creating opportunities for companies seeking to extract value from a sea of data .

The IIFSHL believes that companies want to do more than simply hire new employees, they will like the hiring process to be less stressful. The IIFSHL provide a unique data service that involves both the recruiter looking for a job and the employer looking to hire the best talent possible to add value to their company. Therefore with this database of persons example: Cooks, Bakers, Utilities, Kitchen Assistants ,  we will post the CV/resume of those seeking employment within the food industry giving them a competitive advantage in obtaining employment with our quick access database making the hiring process easy with just the click of a button,. The (IIFSHL) Institute of Food Safety and Health Limited have made a great impact on the market  and we are doing exceptionally well.We give Job seekers a chance to have their resume/Cv at a place where the possibility are high and they stand a chance of landing their dream job. 

NOTEYou can have your CV/Resume posted on our data-room by simply sending us your resume at the address below.

NOTEOnly companies registered with the IIFSHL will have access to hire persons directly from our data-room