The IIFSHL has been approved to maintain its accreditation as an institute of higher learning. The institute has been going from strength to strength due to the tedious process of having to develop its programme that caters to the food,  health and safety industry .

With a dynamic and highly qualified team , our institution  continue to offer its programs, as well as its quality implementation system to companies. 

 “We are pleased to have a continuation of a legacy of education that began in 2015.”

The institute initial application, were submitted to both the INTERNATIONAL HACCP ALLIANCE and the ISEKI- IFA INTERNATIONAL FOOD ASSOCIATION and was successful due to its quality training programmes. The institute will continue to provide exceptional programs for advanced education. The institute will now work toward transitioning to an global entity, while preserving the seamless educational experience for both existing and incoming students to the food industry.

We look forward to working with other Universities and Institutions .

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