Persons interested in the IIFSHL (BASIC) FOOD SAFETY training  do not necessarily need to have any training or experience to pursue course.    

Download registration form fill out information and send to iifshllimited@gmail.com 

Assessment and Grading

Attainment of the Learning Outcomes will be assessed by IIFSHL international committee members ensuring the candidate has been deemed successful. The examination will consist of twenty multiple choice questions.

The qualification is graded as either Pass or  Fail. Candidates who fail to reach the minimum standard for the Pass grade will be recorded as having failed the assessment and will not receive a certificate.

In order to be awarded a certificate, candidates must be able to recall relevant knowledge and demonstrate a high level of understanding of the principles and concepts used in food safety management. Candidates who attain a mark of 75/80 or greater will be deemed to have achieved the criteria for being competent.

Such candidate will be able to satisfactorily work in the catering or related industries with the with the knowledge of food safety and its management systems 



  • FIFO



Cost: $85.00 US dollars

Duration:6(SIX) contact hours