About Us

The International Institute of Food Safety and Health Limited provides Food Safety Training solutions service. Our business caters to both government and private entities. Our aim is to provide companies and individuals with food safety training solutions  that will not just impact there lives but also make a difference in within their organization.Upon completion of any of our training the IIFSHL  guarantees  you highly trained and qualified individuals that will add value to their organization. Our organization has been accredited by both US and European accreditation body for our quality food safety related courses. The  IIFSHL extends its operation internationally and caters to the need of our clients in various countries.  

IIFSH is committed to becoming a benchmark in the training industry by thriving towards exceptional services in the way we continue to operate. We think of ourselves as the ‘ultimate game changers’ offering nothing but quality service clients.
We know how reliant our clients are upon our services, which is why we are ensure that our trainers are highly qualified and experience.


Our mission is to significantly improve the food industry by our training and educating operations, iifshl  move towards raising the standard in the way food is handle.


Our vision is to be a leading provider of  training services internationally by establishing long lasting relationships with our clients and provide a diverse portfolio. The company aims to be dedicated to research and  development regarding food safety, that will contribute to sensitisation of proper practices. We foresee the expansion of our services by the year 2020.


Our goal is to deliver quality food safety training with the objective of providing not only trained persons, but also a safe working environment that will result in the safe handling of food. Our aim to carry out  the highest standards of health and safety awareness. In addition, we seek to build a good reputation and become a key player in the food and manufacturing industry in which we operate.


To be a leader in the training industry by providing enhanced services, good relationships and educate the public which will result in saving lives.


We believe in treating our client with respect. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate safety, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.